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Think of the possibilities for innovation if academia, corporations, and startups merged their unique skill sets. With corporates creating accelerators, collaborating with startups and encouraging in-house entrepreneurial activities on one hand, and the exponential growth of a number of designers in companies, whether they are digital natives, consultancies or corporates, change is starting to occur.

Popcourne | US

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Popcourne is a virtual, augmented ontological financial learning game with its own digital nervous system, that dissolves boundaries and encourages us to think differently by probing the adjacent possible. It's this notion that all the knowledge we input in the game, will teach us back and change the way we think and learn. Popcourne is a virtual, augmented financial learning game with its own digital nervous system

By importing the dynamics of 3D gaming and mixed reality into the classroom, we will immerse players into a new world of educational learning that has never been achieved before.  Students and employees will participate in true-to-life banking environments where they will learn the principles and mechanics of banking, marketing to SME’s, risk management, compliance and early problem recognition in a virtual world that’s safe.  

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changing soccer across the globe
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changing soccer across the globe
changing soccer across the globe

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Pitch60 | PitchICO | Cyprus

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The first decentralized mobile app built on the Dazz platform, with legally binding AI smart contracts, powered by Agrello that enables startups to generate their own tokens to host ICO campaigns and for anyone to own and trade pieces of all kinds of assets, using our dedicated video amplification channel in 3 quick and easy steps.

Valaco Ventures | Cyprus

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ValaCo is a private, forward-thinking venture building investment studio, focused on growing meaningful, innovative companies with founders driven by purpose and passion. We look to create value from the emergence of a new paradigm shift enabled by improving technologies.

SportScientia | Singapore

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A groundbreaking technology company that was selected by an independent jury from the HYPE Foundation as one of the top 50 global sports innovation companies in 2017. At SportScientia, we generate real-time dynamic data that measures and monitors weight distribution, gait and movement – vital data in the field of injury prevention and rehabilitation – through our revolutionary smart insole and accompanying App. Initially focusing on football, the technology is designed to improve player and coach performance and is easily transferable across a wide range of sports and other industries.

Our vision is for this real-time data to revolutionize player performance, statistics, injury management and performance prediction, as well as restructuring player valuations, transfer fees and wages across football and the sporting world.  The smart insole will create a paradigm shift in the field with the potential to save clubs and sports organizations millions of pounds in revenue by keeping their highly paid stars on the pitch instead of the treatment table.

" The HYPE Foundation's TOP50 2017 program was established in order to promote, acknowledge and support the worlds most innovative Sports start-ups, and I fully support the decision made by our esteemed Jury of selecting SportScientia as qualified for the program.

"We @ HYPE believe that sports and innovation are the best ways to create a significant impact and the unique CSI addition that SportsScientia brings into their business activities is a perfect example of this vision." Amir Raven, CEO